New England Clam Chowdown

Chowder has always been a favorite of mine. Like many of my favorite things, it’s not exactly the best for us health wise, but give me a hearty cup of chowder and I’m a happy girl. As a big chowder fan, my mission to find the best cup in New England happened naturally. Although an ongoing journey, here’s what I’ve gathered so far. 

What constitutes the best of anything really is subjective so before I make my evaluations of chowders I’d like to explain what I’m looking for. 

  1. An even balance of clams and potatoes (and anything else in the chowder)
  2. A thick and creamy consistency
  3. The right amount of salt

So here’s what we’ve got so far:

A Classic Chowder: Legal Seafood is known for it’s menu full of seafood dishes (hence the name) so it was no surprise that the chowder was a traditional take on the New England classic. I enjoyed my cup at the Harborside location in Seaport where I overlooked the harbor outside on the 3rd floor balcony. Chowder and a view, what could be better?

A Unique Flavor: Boston Sail Loft in the North End has a clam chowder that’s been voted best in Boston due to it’s unique dill flavoring. Served in an overflowing mug, it’s a classic chowder with a bit of a twist.

A Little Bit More: Faneuil Hall is full of chowder options, all of which are sure to be a success. If you’ve never been, Faneuil Hall is essentially a food court, but full of diverse vendors and shops. Full of tourists and often a challenge to find a seat, the smartest & safest choice is a cup of chowder. But don’t just settle for any old cup. Splurge on the bread bowl and enjoy.

A Hearty Helping: At Eventide Oyster Co. (Fenway) the star of the show are certainly the oysters. But that doesn’t discredit the hearty cup of chowder also on the menu. It’s not often that you can find huge clams, tender potatoes, and large cuts of bacon all in one spoonful. While a bit thinner in consistency than the others, Eventide’s chowder holds it’s own. Oh, and don’t be alarmed by the green exterior, it’s delicious.

The mission to find the absolute best New England Clam Chowder in all of Boston is forever ongoing, but with a little determination anything is possible. Have suggestions? Send them my way! And as always, follow @erineatsofficial on Instagram to keep up with all things food.