A Monumental Summer

This time last year I was sending in my final housing deposit to spend two months in Washington D.C. for the summer. I’m not very political and I live in New York so why I’ve always been drawn to the District is something I didn’t really understand. I had only been there once before, on a class field trip junior year of high school, but in only a matter of weeks I had been accepted into a program, hired for an internship, and was on my way to one of the best summers of my life. Continue reading “A Monumental Summer”

The NOLA Experience

New Orleans was never a city that was on my radar. At least not until junior year when I joined the marketing club. The American Marketing Association (AMA) hosts their annual collegiate conference every spring in New Orleans and our chapter used this conference as an incentive to entice members to work hard and participate all year long. Your reward? 5 days in New Orleans. Continue reading “The NOLA Experience”