Iceland Is Cool

When my friend told me she was going to Iceland for her winter break this past December I thought she was crazy. How random a place to visit for your vacation. Fast forward six months and I was planning my own adventure to the same island.

It seems that in a blink of an eye Iceland has become the tourist destination of the year. Ask around and I’m sure you know someone who has been or is going to the land of fire and ice this year. People, like myself previously, didn’t and might still not get the desire to visit a place like Iceland. But Iceland is cool. Continue reading “Iceland Is Cool”

A Dam Good Time

Amsterdam, New York, is a city not far from Albany where I live. Originally settled by the Dutch, the Albany area has many cities and towns named after those that exist in the Netherlands. Growing up, the Amsterdam I knew was nothing much to talk about. But this summer I had the pleasure of visiting the true Amsterdam.

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