The Smoke Shop (No, not that kind…)

It may be legal in Massachusetts, but The Smoke Shop in Kendall Square is not a place where you can marijuana. The only thing getting high at The Smoke Shop is the pile of bbq on customers’ plates.

Andy Husbands’ award-winning bbq joint offers the classic smoke meats selection — the likes of pulled pork, chicken, brisket, and burnt ends– expertly done and with the sides to match. To find this out, I had to try it all myself! I made a reservation for dinner on a Saturday night and made sure to arrive on an empty stomach. I had been eyeing the hot wings on the menu, which I had of course already thoroughly examined online. Not sure if it was the fermented habañero or brown butter in the hot wings description that got me, but boy was it worth it. The sauce was spicy, but not too spicy. Most importantly though, was the cook. Since the wings were smoked the tender white mean was practically falling right off the bone. Delicious.

I was split between the fried chicken and pulled pork sandwiches for my meal so when my boyfriend suggested we share the “pit boss” plate (3 meats and 3 sides) I quickly jumped ship. Splitting the plate meant we each got to try the pulled pork, burnt ends, and hot links, plus corn bread, zucchini salad, and pimiento mac and cheese. The best mac and cheese I’ve ever had is still from Haberdish in Charlotte, North Carolina…but The Smoke Shop came close.

It may also come as a shock to my readers that I have never tried burnt ends. This style of meat never appealed to me before. I mean seriously, usually “burnt” does not equate to good. But I decided to try the burnt ends and found that I had truly been missing something all along. What really sold it though was the tangy glaze that covered it.

I have nothing but good things to say about my meal at The Smoke Shop, but the only way to truly express how well done this menu is, it for you all to try it yourself. You can find The Smoke Shop around the greater Boston area with spots in Kendall Square, Seaport, and Assembly Row.