But First, Brunch

Finding the perfect brunch spot is hard work. Especially in a city you’re discovering for the first time. But once you find a spot, or two or three, you’re set. In a world where brunching is a habitual weekend pastime, and in a city where food & drink options are endless, my first challenge as #erineatsboston was to find a spot for brunch on a Sunday morning.

The challenge begins with first deciding on a location. The Greater Boston Area is defined by unique neighborhoods and squares, each with their own distinct vibe and restaurant options. South Boston (Southie) is full of #InstaWorthy brunch spots, as is Back Bay, and Cambridge. But seeing as sometimes convenience is key on a Sunday morning, we opted with Cambridge for a quick and easy commute.

The next battle is picking the restaurant. In just a short amount of time I’ve curated a pretty decent sized list of restaurants. This stockpile of ideas is a helpful start to choosing a restaurant, but the challenge is always finding someone to be decision maker. If you’re like me, it’s likely that your options will get tossed around three or four times before someone finally says, “let’s go HERE!”

Luckily, I recently picked up the latest edition of Scout Cambridge Magazine, which just so happened to be the ‘best of’ issue complete with a number of superlatives including best brunch, best breakfast, and best restaurant overall. I’ve found that one of the easiest ways to find out what’s going on in a city is to pick up any free local magazine or newspaper. They’ve always got the inside scoop.

Our “let’s go HERE!” moment came just over 12 hours before our brunch date was scheduled and it was determined that we would go to the Little Donkey (voted best restaurant overall) in Central Square. The planner that I am was anxious that we would not be able to dine without a reservation, and there were no longer any available online. Despite my concern, I’ve learned that if you don’t try you’ll never get anything, so we decided to wing it and were able to be seated right away.

The menu at Little Donkey is designed for both tapas style meals (shared small plates), as well as individual dishes. As a table we shared chilaquiles, which were none other than delicious, although the best way I can think to describe them is upscale nachos. I went back and forth between trying something new and ordering the tantalizing fried chicken sandwich, and ultimately went with something different. I present: Toad in a Hole, an over-easy egg cooked inside a slice of miso banana bread serve with habanero sausage and creamed spinach. It was a combination of flavors I wasn’t sure I would enjoy, but always trust your gut when something piques your interest!

The moral of the story is that figuring out where to eat and what to order may be a challenge, but it the end, it’s always worth it. Looking for restaurants to add to your list? Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram!

Feeling Fancy at Yono's

There really is no such thing as normal. But dining at Yono’s is certainly an experience far grander than just a “normal” night out. It is without a doubt fine dining, where your water glass is never empty and your utensils are changed out with every course. But what makes a dinner at Yono’s truly unique is the irresistible blend of  Indonesian culture with classic fine dining cuisine.
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Making It Through March

Today is the 31st, and as springtime starts to fill the air, I finally have a moment to reflect on the craziness that has been the month of March. A lot happened this month. I found myself in a different city for 3 consecutive weekends, never really catching my breath as a I rushed into busy work week after busy work week. March also stayed true to the in like a lion, out like a lamb mantra as the early weeks brought massive blizzards back to back here in Upstate New York. In the recent weeks, March brought a jury duty summons and the passing of my beloved and crazy grandmother, Grandma Rose. In short, this month has been a roller coaster.
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A Winter Recap

The past few months have been busy. The weeks fly by and the weekends go by even faster. I suppose that means I’m doing something right. I make it a goal to make the most of my time, and although that sometimes means binge watching Shameless on the couch for hours on end, it can also mean going out for a delicious meal.
Always being on the go means that the blog gets a little neglected (which is a great reason to follow along on Instagram to stay up to date with all of my adventures) but I’m finally taking a few minutes to recap a few of my winter favorites so far.

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The SOUPerbowl

There were a lot of bowls this weekend; Puppy Bowls, Super Bowls, and in Saratoga Springs, New York, many bowls of chowder. On the eve of Super Bowl LII, Saratoga hosted the 20th annual Chowderfest, and despite freezing temperatures, thousands filled the streets for one of the biggest Saratoga parties short of New Years Eve.
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Capital Region Spotlight: Schenectady

It feels like I am always writing and posting about some place in Schenectady. This probably is largely due to the fact that there are a lot of great restaurants and cafes in town, and partially due to the fact that I spend a lot of time there in general.

I’ve written about restaurant week, the events, and the beer. But there are plenty of options in Schenectady so here’s a quick breakdown of a few of the top spots.
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