#GetPokéd At Lark St. Poké Bar

It’s a challenge for me to wrap my head around the raw fish competent of sushi, primarily because I feel paranoid about food poisoning, regardless of the quality of the restaurant. Some people live and breathe sushi. Although I am not one of those people, I do enjoy the occasional roll. My aversion to raw fish would indicate that a poké bowl would not appear on my list of food to try. But Lark Street Poké Bar has more to offer, and I was happy to check it out.

The restaurant opened in the popular Albany neighborhood for which it is named a few months ago. Since it’s opening, I’ve been lucky to visit twice, though I find myself thinking about diving head first into a bowl on many an occasion. The first thing to know about Lark Street Poké Bar is the layout of the restaurant. Much like Blaze Pizza, or Chipotle, or Subway before that, the Poké Bar offers a build your own menu with fresh ingredients laid out in the case before you. There are a few prepared options on the menu including poké tacos and a sushi burrito, as well as build your own bowl and desserts.


I’ve only been twice and I’ve essentially gotten the same thing both times, but it was so good the first time I could not resist. The bowl I chose is called the Lark Street Bowl and includes spicy shrimp and crab mix, so there was nothing raw. It comes topped with cucumber, avocado, sesame seeds, spicy mayo, scallions, and the most interesting of them all, hot Cheetos. That’s right, hot Cheetos and sushi. How about that for a combo.


My second time around I went for the create your own option but again opted for the spicy shrimp and crab. Other possible proteins include tofu, salmon, ahi tuna, and more. You are unlimited in sides, topping, and sauces, so I loaded my bowl up with carrot, cucumber, edamame, jalapeños, scallions, sprouts and hot Cheetos plus spicy mayo and ginger on the side.


Like I said, I’m not big on the raw, but I have to admit when I saw the look of the sushi burrito I was close to changing my mind. With a hot Cheeto outer crust and a vibrantly colored interior, the ‘ritos sure are eye-catching. Word on the street is that they taste pretty good too.


My next visit to Lark Street Poké Bar will be soon (hopefully) and although I have gotten the same thing twice, I’ll probably do it again. On my next visit I’m determined to try the dessert. Delectable ingredients and an Instagram worthy exterior make the Fried and Mochi ice cream dishes the next on my list. Will I see you there?

What’s the best way you’ve ever had hot cheetos? I’ve had it on a sushi bowl AND macaroni & cheese. Let me know in the comments & follow along on Instagram!

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